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Gas Supply System
The gas supply system provided by WONIK HOLDINGS is a device for safely supplying special gases required for semiconductor, FPD, LED, and solar manufacturing processes at a constant flow rate and pressure. And various safety devices and programs make the system safe from the risk of gas leakage and operational control errors. We provide the high quality system with modular design concept to the leading companies, fabs, labs, and universities Also, we broaden the spectrum of the product components to enhance user flexibility. It is a system control device that controls the high or low pressure state of special gas to the required pressure for a process, blocks internal and external pollutant by inhibiting and removing fine dust and preventing its leakage so as to supply highly purified gas to the semiconductor manufacturing facility in a safe manner and prevents human error.


Gas Cabinet

Product Features
  • PLC and touch screen based automation system (OMRON, AB, SIEMENS)
  • Proven automation sequence for all aspects of operation and maintenance
  • Supply container below 49 liter
  • Flow rate of 30SLPM
  • User setting available for all alarms
  • Exhaust pressure monitoring
  • Emergency off [EMO]
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Monitoring screen
  • Dual DC Power Module
  • S-Mark safety certification
  • Safety certification for specified high pressure gas cylinder cabinet
  • Certified explosion proof (flammable gas)
  • Earthquake-resistant design (Richter Magnitude 7)
Additional Features
  • Weight Scale
  • Heating Line
  • UVIR
  • Jacket Heater
  • High Temp Sensor
  • Valve Shutter
  • Leak Detector
  • Lamp