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CEO Message

We sincerely welcome you to visit WONIK HOLDINGS’s homepage.

WONIK HOLDINGS is an equipment manufacturer that provides comprehensive solutions to all industries that require gas supply, including semiconductors and displays.

Since its establishment, WONIK HOLDINGS has completed an all-round lineup of industrial gas supply equipment based on its intensive investment in R&D and has become a leading company with its core technology internalization.

In addition, we succeeded in localizing gas purifier products that have relied on 100% of imports to realize customer satisfaction with superior quality and price. Especially, we are expanding our business in the market by developing circulation purifier and special gas purifier.

We are doing our best to improve customer convenience by providing turnkey solution in connection with gas piping business.

In addition, we concentrate all our capabilities on automation of facilities and introduction of network system in order to respond to technology changes based on the 4th Industrial Revolution,Also, we are actively investing to prepare for the future technology trends such as robot business.

WONIK HOLDINGS will continue to strive to become a company with sustainable growth, and will continue to fulfill its mission and role as a company that creates customer, a good company to work and fulfills its social responsibilities. Thank you for your support and interest in the bright future of WONIK HOLDINGS.

Thank you.