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Gas Scrubber
Scrubber provided by Wonik Holdings is a gas reduction device that treats harmful gases discharged after use in semiconductor and display manufacturing processes to below a certain standard. With optimal gas treatment solutions for each process, it possesses excellent processing performance for process gases and reduction technology for by-products (such as NOx, THC, etc.). Applying the first Dual EP System in Korea, it solves issues such as reduction of powder discharge and persistent powder blockages, ensuring safe process operation through extended PM cycles. Furthermore, by applying an Energy Saving System to reduce operating costs, it minimizes power consumption and utility usage. Wonik Holdings' Scrubber is developing safe and environmentally friendly scrubber technology by applying carbon-neutral-based greenhouse gas treatment solutions.



Product Features
  • Processing PFCs Gas and Semiconductor Process Gas Using Plasma
  • Application of high-efficiency Plasma Torch capable of using minimal power
  • Extension of internal PM cycle by applying Cyclone Overflow Reactor
  • Operational stability and utility savings through energy saving
  • Minimize powder emissions and extend duct PM cycle using Dual EP System (specialized in powder generation process)
Additional Features
  • Dimension (mm) : 600(W) * 1,100(D) * 1,800(H)
  • Capa : Max. 600LPM (Inlet Gas Flow Capa. 300LPM)
  • Target Process : CVD, DIFF, METAL, Etc