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The R&D Center creates new value through continuous research and development with the utmost effort.

WONIK HOLDINGS R&D Center will do its best for customer satisfaction with continuous research and development. WONIK HOLDINGS R&D Center has professional R&D personnel and cutting-edge analysis equipment to provide total phase solution in various fields using gases, liquids and solids. We endeavor to upgrade existing products according to customer needs and develop new products.

Total Gas Solution
Numerous gases are used in processes such as semiconductor, display and solar. Since the characteristics of each gas are different, it is important to set conditions such as temperature and pressure to match characteristics of each gas used in the process. Therefore, the WONIK HOLDINGS R&D Center provides optimized solutions for safe, stable supply, purification, and processing according
Total Supply Solution
Manufacturing processes of semiconductor, display and solar require various types of precursors. Supplying these precursors uniformly to each process is essential to improve the quality and yield of electronic components. The WONIK HOLDINGS R&D Center is continuously researching and developing the next-generation supplying sources which are not only gases and liquids but also solid phases, to supply in a stable manner.
Total Purifier Solution
Numerous gases are supplied in various forms in the process of semiconductor, display and solar process. Gases haves a significant impact on yield depending on its impurities and purity. Therefore, WONIK HOLDINGS R&D Center provides optimized purification solutions according to its research and technology development. In addition, we continue to invest in research and development to purify the application fields such as atmosphere chamber to process vulnerable to air, moisture, etc., such as OLED, nuclear power, pharmaceuticals and food, and its circulation purifier to maintain it.
Fundamental Technology Solution
The electronics technology is growing rapidly over time. WONIK HOLDINGS R&D Center not only provides solutions through continuous research and development according to customer needs, but also assures the reliability of products by building up big data through verification of the performance of the products and even small parts equipped in those products.