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Code of Conduct

Being a trustworthy company with fair and transparent management.

  • Code of conduct for employees in accordance with the seven clauses of the Compliance Management Charter
  • It provides the principle of business execution and decision-making criteria for building a culture of compliance among employees.
Code of Conduct
Item Content
Purpose Building a compliance culture through decision-making based on compliance and provision of
decision-making criteria
of Employees
Obligation to comply with the law and company rules during the work execution
Conducting fair work by keeping public and private matters separate (prohibition of corruption and irregularity)
Mutual respect and trust among employees, mutual cooperation between departments
Obligations to protect company assets (monetary assets and information assets)
provision of safe workplace and risk prevention
for Customers
Customer satisfaction through customer-oriented attitude and technology development
Obligation to protect customer’s information asset
for Partner Companies
Compliance with local trade laws such as subcontracting and fair trade laws and international practices
Prohibition of unfair trade and abuse of dominant position and efforts for fair trade
for Employees
Responsibility for fair opportunity and human resource development
Efforts to improve the quality of life of employees and create a safe workplace environment
for Stockholders
and Society

Maximization of shareholder value through efficient business management
Disclosure of management information according to all related laws and regulations

Contributing to local development through responsible management